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  • : Easy and fun English lessons for lazy learners
  • Easy and fun English lessons for lazy learners
  • : pour ceux qui s'intéressent à l'anglais et à internet . Tester sa compréhension de l'anglais avec des vidéos, des chansons, des news insolites. Exercices enligne ou à télécharger reminder for the inconsiderate blog users : FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY ! Always credit the site you have used materials from = NETIQUETTE !! DON'T PUBLISH ANY WORKSHEETS ON YOUR SITES OR BLOGS WITHOUT A LINK TO MY SITE OR THE DOCUMENT ITSELF ! THANK YOU
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  • can you guess the common point ?

    30 juillet 2007 ( #newsonline )

    The bouncing ball is called a SPACE HOPPER. You can have fun sitting on it and hopping around without falling off ! The bridge is the LONDON MILLENIUM BRIDGE crossing the THAMES linking St Paul's Cathedral and Tate Modern and the Globe Theatre : it's...

  • who am I ?

    19 septembre 2007 ( #guess ...... )

    " my lands are where my dead lie buried" They called me crazy, but all I wanted was fish and hunt I lived in the Great Plains of the US I nearly stopped white settlers in search of land anf gold to steal them from their territories I was a hero for my...

  • Columbus Day

    11 octobre 2009 ( #videos )

    On October, the 12th people in the US celebrate Columbus Day. It commemorates the discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus but while some people, especially Italian-Americans, celebrate Columbus Day with parades, others organize marches to protest...

  • who am I ?

    17 octobre 2007 ( #guess ...... )

    My name's Julian I'm 38. I'm from Britain but I now live in Sydney. I wish to become an Australian citizen. I founded an Internet company in 1987 and sold it in 2000. It was a very successful business and I became a multi-millionaire ! I have a passion...

  • Chrismas in London

    10 novembre 2007 ( #newsonline )

    Each year there’s a tradition for Christmas in London. Click on the link and read about this tradition. Print the questionnaire and try to find as many answers as you can ! Find out ..... ..what is given to the people of London ..where it comes from ..its...

  • what's the common point between ...?

    13 novembre 2007 ( #cool stuff )

    ..... HONGI / HAKA / KIWI / WAKA ? You can certanily recognize the word HAKA , you’ve seen some on French TV, just before a rugby match ! The All Blacks, the New Zealand national team always perform a haka before a match to intimitade their rivals !!...

  • Who am I ?

    19 novembre 2007 ( #guess ...... )

    I’m an artist I’m well-known but nobody really knows my identity I remain an enigma Some people say my work is vandalism and crap Others say I’m a genius Brad Pitt collects my work But you can see a lot of my work for free on walls in cities across the...

  • Halloween in Wisteria Lane

    22 octobre 2008 ( #halloween )

    We left our desperate housewives all actually married while Edie desperately in love with Carlos - who is having an affair with his ex-wife Gaby - tries or does she really ? to hang herself .. Here's a preview of season 4 which is on air in the US Watch...

  • The Golden Age

    28 novembre 2007 ( #videos )

    The Golden Age due to release in France on December,12 tells the story of Elizabeth I who ruled England from 1558 to her death in 1603 Listen to this extract from the film and try to complete the script Click on the link below to get the excellent lesson...

  • Hello to tomorrow

    03 décembre 2007 ( #newsonline )

    From 14 November, the Eurostar arrives in St Pancras, which is now Europe's most international railway station. The crystal and iron building was designed by engineer William Henry BARLOW. It was restored and painted sly blue. It combines the best of...

  • Little Britain

    05 décembre 2007 ( #TV series )

    Little Britain is a British TV show and the characters are now well-known in the UK. One of the funniest characters is VICKY POLLARD, who is supposed to be an 18-year-old teenage girl. She speaks very fast and she always says "Yeah but, no but, Yeah but,...

  • The moment of truth

    08 décembre 2007 ( #newsonline )

    Here's a new TV game which will be soon broadcast on American TV channel FOX Watch the trailer and find out ... ...when the show will be aired ...the name of the device which forces the players to tell nothing but the truth ... the surprise guest who...

  • Shadow Forest

    14 décembre 2007 ( #newsonline )

    Y ou have heard of JK Rowling ? She became famous and a millionaire practicaly overnight with her Harry Potter 's adventures Is this going to happen again with Mr Matt Haigh, a bartender who wrote his first book for children ? Well, the children awarded...

  • new dollar coins

    16 décembre 2007 ( #newsonline )

    The first Presidential $1 coins have been released this year. The US MINT, the manufacturer of US coins, is going to issue 4 Presidential 1$ coins every year. The first four Presidents to be honoured are the first four Presidents who served the country.This...

  • Spider at Tate Modern

    17 décembre 2007 ( #newsonline )

    Until January, 20th 2008, you can see MAMAN, the spider statue constructed by French artist, LOUISE BOURGEOIS. 200 pieces of art are on display at Tate Modern. The spider is also supposed to honour the artist's mother, who was a weaver. You can listen...

  • French President planning a visit to the UK

    19 décembre 2007 ( #newsonline )

    President Sarkosy will be in the UK for 3 days in March and will stay at Windor Castle. Will his new supermodel-singer girlfriend be invited by the Queen ? Their relationship was made public last week and there's a wide coverage of it in the international....

  • a christmas song

    19 décembre 2007 ( #Christmas and New Year Day )

    THE POGUES is an Irish band and I remember seeing them in concert for the first time in Kilburn, London, an area with many Irish pubs and businesses. It was awesome and we really had a great time This is a Christmas song, which was often voted as one...

  • Don't miss Hogmanay !

    28 décembre 2007 ( #Christmas and New Year Day )

    Hogmanay Hogmanay is the New Year in Scotland Thousands of people take to the streets in Edinburgh to see in the New Year. It is one of the largest street celebrations, very similar to the Time Square’s New Year celebration in New-York In Edinburgh it...

  • January 6th

    31 décembre 2007 ( #newsonline )

    Want to see the Green Man ? Meet him on Sunday 6 January 2008 at 12.45pm appearing from the River Thames near the Globe Who could the Green Man be ? He marks the end of the Christmas season and celebrates midwinter. This is an old tradition which is supposed...

  • Who am I ?

    07 janvier 2008 ( #US elections )

    I was born in Hawaii in 1961 . My mother was American and my father was Kenyan After the divorce of my parents, I lived in Indonesia with my Mum When I returned to the US, I graduated from Harvard Law School I was elected to the US Senate in 2004 I'm...

  • 2008 : Liverpool is Europe's capital of culture

    13 janvier 2008 ( #newsonline )

    This weekend (January 12-13) Liverpudlian Ringo Starr launched the party which celebrated the city's year as Europe's Capital of Culture and the Wombats, the new band from Liverpool performed their new single which is released on Monday, January 14th...

  • Person of the Year 2007

    15 janvier 2008 ( #newsonline )

    Time For Kids have selected 9 of the most important people of the year 2007 Will you be able to identify the nominees ? Read this and then, check how much you have guessed 1. a computer whiz who produced some of the most innovative consumer elctronics...

  • Ugly Betty

    16 janvier 2008 ( #TV series )

    Here's the new TV show you can watch on TF1 on Monday nights It's an adaptation from the Colombian hit telenovela "I am Betty, the Ugly One" Betty is ...... Choose from .... attractive sweet naive confident assertive unattractive elegant glamorous slender...

  • You've said idiom ?

    23 janvier 2008 ( #idioms )

    T hese are marbles with which children like playing But can you guess the meaning of the following expressions ? I may be old but I haven’t lost my marbles yet If you don’t like what I’m saying, pick up your marbles and go When you lose your marbles you...

  • Groundhog Day

    29 janvier 2008 ( #Games )

    Groundhog Day is celebrated in Pennsylvania on February 2nd. The most famous groundhog predicting the weather is Punxsutawney Phil. If Phil sees his shadow winter is not finished and there will be six more weeks of winter. But if he sees his shadow thanks...

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